This information breaks down 5 simple steps that you should use to help increase search engine rankings on your website. The following five ways that can help increase your rankings in the search engines and gain much-needed exposure.

Traffic Exchanges

These are exceptional tools when used right. It can be used with great success when dealing with MLM, affiliate marketing and home based business opportunities.

One of the best ways to use traffic exchanges is to create your own separate landing page for the product or opportunity you’re promoting. Always try to stand out from the crowd by using something other than what all the other affiliates are using.

You can build your own landing pages for free here:

Then by simply enticing other surfers with some free information and using an autoresponder to capture their name and email address you can quickly build your own opt-in list of interested prospects. is a good option and has a paid and free option.

Write a Newsletter

While this may seem time-consuming, it really doesn’t have to be. There are hundreds of article directories floating around with articles written by experts in almost every field.

Simply use them within the guidelines prescribed by the directory and author, add a few lines from yourself as an introduction and throw in an ad and you’ve got yourself a newsletter.

Write and Submit Your Own Articles

As the previous point shows, there are many hundreds of article directories out there and literally thousands of sites, submissions and newsletter publishers looking for new and unique content every day.

By writing your own articles and including a link back to your site you’re not only branding yourself as an expert but also creating valuable backlinks to your site.

This is a huge factor when it comes to search engine rankings which bring the best free traffic.

Online Communities

By joining online groups you can also gain backlinks to your site by posting comments and using keywords linking back to your pages.

Beware though that most groups frown on blatant advertising. You have to attempt to add something of worth with your posts or you may get banned.

Exchange Links

This may actually be the most difficult tactic. You must find sites that are in the same niche as yours but not necessarily in direct competition.

You also have to find sites that already have a good ranking in the search engines for this to be effective.

Always approach any site owner with grace and dignity. Be tactful and courteous. Remember, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Use all five of these tactics on a regular basis and you’ll surely see a climb in traffic and search engine ranking.