A Successful And Unsuccessful SEO Strategy

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When it comes down to the best search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, it can be the difference between a small, barely profitable business or a visible website and traffic magnet website.

There are a lot of ways, both good and bad, to influence the search engines in your favor allowing you to bring value.

Some search engines react to certain strategies better than others. Some even have conflicting strategies that they react to. Documenting all of these things would require a great amount number of web pages and research that goes beyond the scope of this article.

Remember it is now turning more into artificial intelligence.

They are programming engines to react to humanized data.

However, there are a lot of things that can be documented that will work for most if not all search engines.

Now let’s be real; there are really only 4 important tips that make a difference between a successful and unsuccessful SEO strategy.

They are the four horsemen : Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing.

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These four search engines in any given month are responsible for over 90% of all internet searches.

So, what are we going to be talking about?

It’s about what you can do as a website owner that will influence the search engines using commonly accepted practices of linking to other websites (outbound) and getting those website links (inbound) to bring you leverage for search engines.

Here are basically 4 strategies that a website owner should employ to increase the value¬† of a website in the eyes of the search engine. Continue reading “A Successful And Unsuccessful SEO Strategy”

Make More Keyword Rich Pages (KRP)


I know we’ve been talking a lot about Keywords and Key phrases. We want to try and express the value it will bring you during your SEO strategies.

Now once you have established which keywords you want to optimize for your website so you can rank high on the search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

You should really try to aim towards securing a top ranking section in those SERPs.

This is done by creating Keyword Rich Pages (KRPs), which are web pages that contain a certain keyword used numerous times that brings great content to the user.

The page then gets its own top ranking section every time someone searches for that particular keyword.

I am going to tell you now how to create KRPs, with the assumption that you already know about the entire basic HTML tags such as the Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Headings, and Alt tags.

If not, check out http://www.w3schools.com and brush up on understanding what the heck we’re talking about. Continue reading “Make More Keyword Rich Pages (KRP)”

Pros & Cons On What Is Good SEO vs Bad SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) is the “end-all” and “be-all” of making search engines recognize and rank your website on the natural search engine result pages (SERPs).

That’s the intent of SEO, of course. Since SEO is still an emerging field, there is no “governing body”, and the rules change drastically with algorithms.

A good SEO expert understands these changing algorithms, and knows how to properly apply to them. A bad SEO specialist generally makes mistakes, or purposely tries to deceive the system to win “fake” high rankings and spam your site up.

It is not true that you have no control over what happens in the SERPs.

The content that you put on your website determines where you appear in the SERPs. If your site is about “fitness gear”, you’re probably not going to appear in search results about “computer laptops”.

The most important thing you can do on the Internet is to bring value and trust to represent yourself and site honestly.

If your site is about “fitness gear”, and the content on your site talks about “fitness gear” then you’ll probably appear somewhere in the SERP for “fitness gear”. A good SEO expert can help you rank higher for “fitness gear”, among other well-researched, and relevant keywords.

Let’s break this down a bit more.
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Quick Step By Step Link Building Strategies That Work

link building strategies

Link building in a nutshell, is the process of getting other websites and web pages to link back to your money making website.

These links will not only drive direct targeted traffic to your web pages; but more importantly will increase your overall search engine positioning and rankings.

Building a solid incoming backlink structure for your website is one of the most effective techniques used by search engine optimization experts to improve your search engine rankings and boost the most overall amount of traffic given by any web page received.

However the process of building backlinks to your website can be a daunting, tedious pain in the ass when just getting started.

What we’re going to discuss in this article is the importance on building a strong backlink strategy for your website, as well as offer a ton of key strategies that any webmaster regardless of however internet marketing budget you can afford, to climb to the top of the search engine ladder.

Let’s just dive right in. Continue reading “Quick Step By Step Link Building Strategies That Work”

Why Ignoring Web Design and SEO Will Cost You Time and Sales

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With search engine optimization there are lots of unknowns, educated guesses and knowledge gained from personal and professional experience.

Google, Yahoo and Bing keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to revealing how their ranking systems actually work.

They tell the SEO community bits and pieces of information on what things can affect search engine results, how they can be improved and what to do in certain situations, but mostly knowing what to do to achieve good results is achieved by studying and hard work.

Much alike other SEO consultants I have gathered information from various sources and worked constantly on improving results for customers. I am always looking for new intelligent ways to improve search engine results.

I still believe in the “ranking out organically to value your dollar more than give into search engine” principle.

This article is intended for people looking to improve their websites from the ground up.

I also will be continuing from last article the SEO to web design fundamental relationship; the things you need to consider before embarking on any text and keyword analysis.

I hope you find these hints and tips useful. Continue reading “Why Ignoring Web Design and SEO Will Cost You Time and Sales”