Take 10 Minutes to Get Started with an Article Marketing Strategy

This TOP secret article marketing strategy can hold its own against Google's ever-changing algorithm. Find out how right here!

Take 10 Minutes to Get Started with an Article Marketing Strategy

What articles must do with promoting your website you may ask, well, a great deal!

First, the Internet is offering a major matter to the web surfers and that’s advice or to put it differently content, you likely heard people say often that in the Internet marketing arena “content is king”.

Every website owner want some content for his website, this content may be text, content, audio info, video clips, images, news feeds, charts & graphs.

Google might be exemplified as a teacher standing before a course and asking a query (a surfer is making a search at Google), in front of our instructor seating millions of students all crying out load: “I know the answer pick me! ” (the internet sites attempting to be first in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Our teacher is supposed to determine who of all those millions of websites may have a cleaver, succinct or the right response? Google needs some criterions to determine the quality of those web sites.

Google is using a RankBrain algorithm to determine the quality level of internet sites.

It’s understood that one of the significant factors that they burden most significantly is the quantity of additional web sites pointing or linking to your website or “voting” in your site.

Okay, so now you understand you require many other sites to point and connect to your website for your site to receive as higher PR as possible.

The best way to get one way back for a web site.

How can you convince or cause other site owners to place a hyperlink to your Site?

Really there are lots of ways to do just that.

  • Reciprocal linking directories
  • Sending emails to other websites owners
  • Purchasing links from high PR sites
  • Providing testimonials

How to get links to your sites is an article subject deserves its own article and is beyond the scope of this article.

Here we concentrate on article marketing

What’s incorrect about reciprocal linking? Nothing is wrong with it, what is the search engines are counting all the incoming links and comparing them to the number of their outbound links, the more links you have who are linking to you the greater the PR will be.

Google is searching for natural linking if they see many reciprocal links they know it is an arrangement linking rather than organic linking.

As you might imagine reciprocal linking is time consuming and I don’t have the time to peruse it.

The ideal way to get one-way links to your internet site is by article advertising

In every article you write in the conclusion you should add something called resource box, in it you write your name several words about yourself along with a backlink to your website!

Yes this is the most important part in your blogs.

What is anchor text and how to create it

The backlink ought to be in the form of anchor text connection, this is a text that describes your main theme of your site, underneath it “hides” the hyper link to your site.

Let’s say your website is all about charge cards, then it is strongly recommended you link to your site by using the text: Credit Cards and not only using the right forward URL address of your site.

It is most important because this way the search engines connect your website with the theme of your website, that is because if many websites are linking to you using the anchor text: “Credit Cards” then the SE will ascertain not only that your site is significant but that your site is important site in the industry of Credit Cards!

It is suggested to make more anchor texts keywords so that you will gain credibility in over a single keyword.

Creating a anchor text is quite easy to do, all you have to do is:

  1. Copy the URL address of your website and paste it in MS word file
  2. Mark it and right click on it with your mouse
  3. A menu will pop up, among those options there will be” Edit hyper connection”
  4. Click on it and you will see two small windows that the top one will say observable.
  5. Text to be seen, that is the anchor text you want.
  6. Sort there your site’s main theme text (Credit Cards).
  7. Under it you will see a windows that will say real connection, there your website’s URL address will appear, click ok at the bottom and you are done.
  8. Copy and paste the anchor text link to a Article resource box.

How can you distribute your article

I usually build my website with one article of about 1,200 words, broken up into several sections of roughly 400 words each.

As with 400 words it’s possible to cover comprehensive subject. I am going to explain why I split it into three sub articles in the future.

After you’ve written an guide and organized the source box, now you’re ready to submit your article to article directories, there are lots of article directory sites and few with high PR article directories websites.

In every one of those websites you will find Thousands of articles in hundreds of categories and sub categories.

Why all these writers submit their articles for free on the Article Directories sites?

You guessed it, all of them need backlinks for their websites and generate free traffic.

On the other side of this coin there are the internet site builders which have no time or talent or both and they want poorly content to their sites, what do they do, yes, you guessed it right once again, they come to the article directories sites and pick a decent article/s to place onto their websites at no cost, all this, provided that they keep the author’s resource box with a live hyper link to the author’s website.

When your article is put into many article directories it begins to develop a life of its own.

Website owners glue it on their website pages, Ezine publishers may catch it to their digital magazine, online in addition to offline editors and publishers that are always on the look out for good content and intriguing info might employ your article for their needs.

Bloggers can place it on their own blogs and from that enables your post to be redeemed through RSS feeds all across the web.

The wide spread distribution of the article can bring some traffic to your website on its merits and might even function at time as alternative to SE traffic.

All this creates a snow ball effect that will build your site’s PR and establish you as an authority in your area.

This course of action is intensified as time passes by and fresh websites continue their advertising campaigns and gaining higher PR and by that strengthening your site because today higher PR sites are pointing towards it.

Important point I want to create here though, Google notices in short period of time that the content that is pointing at your site is a replicate content and this simple fact weakens the effect but as long as you keep producing new high quality content and repeat the procedure your site will rise in PR and continue to increase in the ladder towards the upper SERPs of the various search engines.

Additionally it is recommended to make few headers to your article in order to improve the opportunity to be published in a variety of medias and to lower the duplicate content effect.

This is why I mentioned earlier that it is wise to construct your essay in a structured method of three parts, all approximately 400 words, in some cases every part can cover different aspects of the subject at hand and also be broken up into three distinct Articles.

The best strategy is to create it in phases, send an article to the article directories each three or four weeks, don’t send it to all directories simultaneously and not all your articles at once, maintain your ammunition for the months ahead.

The best way to distribute your posts automatically

Article supply is time consuming also. There are two options for this, there are a few software products which you simply preset and upload your posts and the software will automatically distribute them to some article directories of selection.

The second alternative that in my head is the preferable one is a web service that will distribute automatically your articles not to only the article directories but to tens of thousands of editors and publishers as well as writing classes on the net and by that give you a much better policy and in addition it’s much quicker.

I usually start with up to six of the top Article directories then go to the automated distribution service on the net that is free for a certain amount of supply amount. You may reach it through my web site.

Article advertising is the very power full strategy I know to make Search Engines notice your website and spider it, then increase the amount of back links to your website automatically and naturally and makes the SE index all of your pages and provide you high PR and good placements in the SERPs.

Use this information wisely and flourish.

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