What is Affilojetpack and How Does it Work?

His quick guide to the top with affiliate marketing with this AffiloJetpack review

Today, I’ll be giving you my genuine review of AffiloJetpack 2.0, the most straightforward approach to make member sites.

Before I educate you on what AffiloJetPack is really all about in this review, I simply need to share the account of Mark Ling, the maker of this  and discuss what motivated him to make it and dispatch his new form.

***From Zero, to Hero… Then Back to Zero Again***

Mark Ling began affiliate marketing in college.

In less than a year, he was making $3,000 per week. You would think this would be the ultimate, wouldn’t you? So did he, until his friend convinced him to add an auto-subscriber newsletter series to his websites.

It was a great deal of work,, and cost him thousands of dollars — yet it worked, and his salary took off.

In any case, he had a huge crash: His websites got slapped by Google, and his income took a dive.

Things looked bleak for Mark, and it felt like he would never be able to climb back up again.

But he decided that he would give it one more go. This time, he would place even more emphasis on building an email list, and making money through email marketing.

And you know what?

Currently he is an 7-figure super affiliate, traveling the world and living life to the fullest!

AffiloJetPack 2.0 dashboard
AffiloJetPack Dashboard 2.0

He has had so much positive feedback about the first version of AffiloJetpack that he decided to launch a second version.

Keep in mind, most affiliate programs don’t have autoresponders

money email marketing
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They depend on their website visitors clicking ads and buying the products then.

Mark is trying to teach people though that the REAL money to be made is in email marketing.

That is the reason he made AffiloJetpack: to make it simple for you to profit and with using AffiloJetpack results are easy.

We were able to select from 11 “Jetpacks products”.

affilojetpack download

Each Jetpack is a website kit, with everything you need to make the website and step-by-step instructions on how to do it!

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You will receive:

  • 100 email article research packages
  • Dozens of affiliate graphics
  • Your very own custom-made AffiloTheme
  • A full year of hosting for one website,
  • BONUS! Three eBooks/reports to use as subscriber bait

Another great thing about the Affilojetpack, it that it comes with a website builder that will basically create your website for you!

It will set up your domain and hosting, then install WordPress and AffiloTheme for you.

Plus, it will create a Fluttermail email account and pre-install the 100-email autoresponder with your affiliate links automatically added in for you!

At the end of the day, you have a money-magnet website, just like Mark guaranteed.

There are no real easy tricks on how to rank high with the major search engines especially with affiliate marketing.

Internet marketing has becomingly difficult with an SEO strategy.

What is search engine optimization?

Before we discuss that thing, you have to understand first how search engines work and a bit of know-how.

Search engines are using queries to conduct the most relevant and updated content to match your criteria.

Search engine results are useless to users if the content doesn’t relate to the search term, or if the results are old.

People expect the most up-to-date and fresh information that is useful to them.optimize search engines

Updating your website everyday and adding some type of content will help you get noticed by the search engines.

Basically, if you are going to sell any type of product or service online, you have to optimize your website for the search engines, in order to boost traffic and sales.

90% of your business will likely come directly from search engine results.

For that reason, it is absolutely important to optimize your site for search engines for you to have the greatest deals in the entire world.

How do you find time to write content marketing on a consistent daily basis?

Imagine how long it would take you to create graphics and write articles, hundreds of emails and/or an eBook for email marketing bait for your autoresponder!

It takes a very long time to do it without anyone else’s help.

You could outsource it — although it would cost you thousands of dollars.

But with Mark’s program, Affilojetpack, you have the advantage on creating several websites and I know many marketers that saved much money and time because when creating a new affiliate sites.

Why the AffiloJetpack is the only product you’ll really end up using

Not only does it take a long time to create a website, but getting all of the content together takes so long, it becomes a pain in the ass.

That is the reason I think people are happy they found AffiloJetpack, because now it takes no more than a few hours to get a website up and running!

By using their website builder and their done-it-for-you email newsletter series, you can build up your own portfolio of several money making websites in just days — and we trust that you can, as well.

Be that as it may…

Websites that can provide content constantly that are interesting, well-written,  and regularly updated highly engaged unique visitors who are more likely to return to the website in the upcoming days.

If you can set your website apart from those boring, lifeless sites then do so.

You’ll surely be one step closer to achieving high page ranking with fully functional website through search engine optimization

There is something you should know.

AffiloJetpack does includes one year of free website hosting for one site, but it doesn’t include the domain name.

So you should spending around $10-11 for this if you don’t have one already.

(There are several sites you can purchase a domain.)

But that is literally the only other thing you need to buy, because AffiloJetpack comes with everything else you need to make a commission-crunching affiliate website.

Writing content is the most effective way to build up traffic for your website.

When writing articles to post on your site, make sure that you develop a clear understanding of arranging their content.

You can do this by simply adding the content that is provided to your site with this program.

This will allow room for extra articles to be added as you write them, and will allow you to build up an archive of articles which will maintain to draw online visitors.

affilojetpack autoresponder

Mark Ling made sure that this was high-quality, keyword rich content and easy to link your site for conversions.

These things will help improve your site’s popularity and coerce increased business through your internet marketing strategy.

Affilojetpack is bound to make an impact on your internet business

We highly recommend Affilojetpack 2.0.

Not for affiliate purposes for us, but this program does consist of having everything you are looking for if you are starting off in the internet marketing industry.

We strongly advise that if you are beginning any type of internet business make sure you follow all of the guidelines. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money.

It is an investment into YOU and your future.

If you purchase any affilorama products through Top Notch, you will receive less than half its normal price, and set up your first website.

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